No one seems to arrive here unless they are searching for the answer to life, which they believe lies in knowing who they are. They search for their true self with the idea that they will uncover something spiritual, yet personal.  They seek the best version of themselves available, one that appears to be spiritual, pleasant and enlightened.   They believe that someone can tell them how to find that true "self."  

Once exhausted from searching for such an idea, you will see that you have been chasing nothing more than an idea of what you want to find, an idea of who you want to be, or an idea that someone else suggested you could be.  If you are exhausted enough, you can know the Truth and begin to know the True Self.  It is right here, right now, and it has never been lost...only ignored.  

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You will see that all of the Articles, Essays and Discussion topics are anonymously written.  Anonymity is necessary to prevent pre-conceived ideas from coloring the message.  We recommend for your own sake that you not worry at all about who wrote them. Take whatever you can understand in them and put it to good use.  

When you worry about "who wrote this?" instead of "what is here?" you will be distracted from your own discoveries in that writing.  You can find Truth in any writing regardless of who wrote it.  Be careful not to attach your identity to your learning and finding satisfaction in the fact that you know much about certain teachers or systems.  Knowledge, without understanding is useless to finding what you are looking for. Truth never begs notice.

You will find that we don't lead anyone to certain Teachers or Authors for that same reason.  See below.

We ask that you honor our wish to remain anonymous by not disclosing Authors should you know and not attempting to uncover that information if you do not. 

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We are happy to consider your questions for our Latest Writings page. Please note however, that we will not give advice regarding personal issues or situations. In fact, you will not receive a specific response to your question from us at all. Your question may be used in full or part for a future reflection writing.  You will not be notified or identified. 




Many people set out to find a True Self because they are disappointed, unfulfilled or even terrified inside. While such struggles are often necessary to bring about a real change, it can be dangerous ground to approach and must be done carefully.


If you are depressed, anxious or have emotional difficulties, it is important to understand that you cannot solve these problems by "seeking" anything. Searching for your True Self will not solve these problems. You must first become aware of the reasons for these conditions and then shed them by letting go of them.

Another common problem is when "seekers" unknowingly search for a new identity but call it "seeking the Truth." No one finds a more treacherous path than these "seekers." Doing this, we can assure you, will only lead to new heartache and deeper un-fulfillment.

Seek only to uncover the Truth - not to create a new "you." Be completely honest with yourself along the way. 


Man works too hard on changing what he does not yet see clearly, and not hard enough on seeing things clearly.


Why we do not cite particular 

We don't lead readers to any particular teachers, authors or books, leaving the search up to them.  Your sincerity to learn will be matched by the sincerity of the teachers you find. When you find a teacher who honestly writes or talks of the Truth, they will undoubtedly lead you to others honest Teachers.  

Explore Teachers and their writings with vigorous interest.  However, be patient as you read.  Absorb the information slowly and carefully, without prejudice.  As time goes on, you will know the Truth in what they write, possibly amidst some human error in their writings as well. 

We do not monetize the information on this site.  The Truth has been freely given to everyone who has it and real knowers of it will freely pass it on in turn.  We have a copyright on everything for only two reasons- that no one take personal credit and no one profit from it.  It will always be Free to print and give away.



Most fear is merely a concern that we will be denied a certain, predetermined kind of happiness. That fear is 100% false and so is the predetermined idea of happiness we have attached it to.

True Love is not the opposite of anything...





Do not seek Truth- that is unnecessary, it is everywhere.
Seek instead to understand the illusion that impedes Truth.

Difficulty is the catalyst which transforms action into spiritual knowledge.



WELCOME & WELCOME BACK Welcome to TrueSelf.org, or for those of you who recall the previous site, welcome back.  Much has changed since the site was first published back in 2008.  We wanted to carry on the work that was being done  back then with a new focus on applying the information to everyday life. The original essays, which were the cornerstone of the TrueSelf.org, are being added to the new site gradually.  In some cases, with some slight revisions.

October 24, 2017

No, there is a you.  Who else could utter the words “there is no me?”

Throughout time, the most precious of spiritual principles have been re...

July 1, 2017

The True Self is not lost and needs not be found.  It is buried by falseness and fantasy.  It is covered by ideas and expectations and there...

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