The Ego is a natural thought structure that is present for the purpose of driving advancement of the individual relative to its environment. 


The single, prior and infinite source of everything. Its power creates a natural pathway for all growth.

Person or Personality

It is the overall expression of a human being that has been created through a combination of naturally inherited traits and the whole entirety of experiences which that physical being has encountered. It is the "person" or "character" which you and the world is familiar with and relates to.

Physical Being

The biological structure of a being, including physical traits and inherited evolutionary instincts.


A connection to to the single infinite existence which transcends human conceptualization.  Often, and incorrectly, characterized as a separate state of being or existence, Spirituality is actually the state of "knowing" reality and not "being" something new or different.

True Self

That which is the single vantage point of consciousness and is connected to God. The True Self is what exists beyond all other aspects and traits of your separate identifiable "person."

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Interpretation & Definitions

Because there are many interpretations of words and concepts, we have provided background definitions of certain key words and concepts used on the site to give the reader the proper context as it relates to any writings we publish.

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