These are the essays published in 2008 and 2009  from the original They were written by the author during a 2 year period of reflection which ended naturally and thus, so did the writing.  Some have been updated for editorial reasons and some for other reasons, but the essence of each has not been changed.  The intention of the new is to build on the foundation of these writings and help people apply them to daily life.  As with any writing, the reader must ascertain Truth by reflecting on the words and not attempting to merely "live" by them.  

The Real You

There are actually two, if not more entities that you call you, one of which you know

little about, that is the Real You. The others are each nothing more than...

The Real Teacher

You have sought teachers to show you the way, and you have been lead astray‐ have you not? You have been sold new concepts and fantastic ideas about enlightenment.

Are You Tired Enough?

If a person gets to the point of mourning their life and wanting to change, doesn’t it make

sense that they will have a more open mind to see and understand the Kingdom?


Freedom, is that what you truly want? This is an important question because at the center of this question lies the reason you do not have True Freedom. center 

Giving Up

You have explored much. You have read books and heard lectures. You have pondered and discussed thoughts about God and the Universe

How to Live a Better Life

When someone in your spiritual circle asks you what it is you are looking for, see

how you hesitate to answer. There is a pause, a moment of anxiety. Your mind...

Your Purpose in Life

To question your purpose in life can be a wonderful adventure or quite a dangerous one, particularly for anyone who is not aware enough to accept the true answer.

Seek That Which You Do Not Seek

Conventional advice might tell you that before you begin a search, it would be best to know what it is that you look for. Logic says that you need to know what you are looking for in order to recognize it when you find it.

Repairing the Broken World

You have stated that you have deep concerns about the current state of our world. You see problems everywhere—social, political and religious.

Proving Yourself

There is a wonderful fact that if understood, can bring you great freedom. The fact is that you have nothing to prove to anyone. Never again do you need to think it is necessary to make anyone think or feel any particular way about you.

The Paradox of Control

There is an astonishing paradox that can explain why you suffer so much unnecessary pain. It is the paradox of inner and outer control.

The Most Wonderful Choice

The most wonderful choice you can make is to see the Truth—to want to see the

Truth in everything.

Your Conception of Spirituality

“I don’t believe in religion, but I believe deeply in spirituality”

Have you said something like this? 

The Running of th Bulls

One of the many false ideas you have been taught is that you can create more good than bad in your life through your actions...

Giving Up

You have followed systems, even changed outward routines, temporarily. But you have not changed anything about your nature.

The Actor Never Becomes the Role

Like an actor, you have played a thousand roles. These roles have all been played in an attempt to be anything but who you really are. It is a sad fact that you are not very interested in who you really are.

Your Investment Dilemma

If you were to purchase counterfeit diamonds but paid real diamond prices, would you throw those diamonds away once you learned the truth?


At the very core of your being lies a natural goodness. A goodness that is not reliant

upon anything else. There is true beauty that lies within you, ready for your discovery.

The Problem

You believe you have many problems and yet you really have just one.

Traps to Avoid

As the wise traveler upon the path knows, there are many traps that will keep one

from continuing on to a new kind of Happiness.


Love has long been misunderstood as a personal emotion that one can choose to give or not give. For example, when you hear the words “love thy enemy” or “love thy neighbor,” you believe...

Provoking the World

The world never attacks your True Self; it only attacks your Ego. And this is

because your Ego is constantly provoking the world. Your True Self has no interest

in the world, much less in provoking it.

Why Your Efforts Fail

Without a connection to the Truth, your efforts to fix your problems or improve

your position are based on a flimsy foundation.


All problems including insecurity, financial trouble, bad habits, and the like, are not

really problems at all until the Ego gets a hold of them.

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