Is There Really No "Me?"

October 24, 2017

No, there is a you.  Who else could utter the words “there is no me?”


Throughout time, the most precious of spiritual principles have been realized and freely shared by genuine teachers. Unfortunately, along the way, others have taken those principles and used them for personal notoriety and financial gain by coining made-up phrases and packaging them for sale.


There are core principles which are essential to any human being’s realization of Truth, but one cannot buy another’s realization of these principles. There is no such shortcut to True Understanding.  There is only one way to real growth and it requires your own hard work. 


It is OK to not understand those who say “there is no me,” in fact, be happy you don’t understand.  It frees you to do the actual work of knowing for yourself.


“But listening to the experiences of others helps me find my own way.” 


No, listening to others helps you find their way.  It derails you from the path by putting expectations of what should happen along the way based on what you are being told.  The only saving grace is that each time you fail to experience what the speaker has suggested they have experienced, you will feel hopeless and afraid that you may never know Truth, and that is helpful.


You spend time distracted by the noise of others and deny yourself the opportuity to do the hard work of seeing what you are, by knowing what you are not.  And feeling the pain that leads you to understanding.  And even at this very moment you are asking “but what should I do?” 


Do nothing.  Be anxious, nervous, frustrated, or delighted. 


See…there is a “you.”  Who else could experience those things? 


Without the vessel called “you,” there is no apparatus by which to realize there is something beyond that self.  To deny the personality and entity that has been created to interact in life and bring forth realization is to deny the spirt at the core of it all. 


“What about those who say it is all a dream?”


What do you say?  What do you see and experience?  If your world is a dream or if your world is physical, it does not matter.  These distinctions are merely goods for sale.  You are here, as “here” is experienced, and that is what matters.


Enjoy Yourself, and in doing so, understand the Truth about You.  Stop reading this and just “be.”

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October 24, 2017

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