Do Not Search for Your True Self

July 1, 2017

When you search for anything, it should be noted that you have an idea of what you will find.  In other words, you are looking for something, or some “thing.”  Your search begins with a rough idea of what that thing is, or looks like.  While this is quite helpful when you are looking for most things, it is a problem when looking for your True Self


Knowing this will create a monumental shift in how you see life. 


You see, the True Self is not lost and needs not be found.  This is a big difference from most things you search for.  It is not hidden, or misplaced or unknown.  It is always exactly where it was meant to be.  It is universal and prior to everything else you perceive to be “you.”


It is simply imperceptible by a mind that badly wants to perceive it as something else.  That mind wants to believe its something special, something to enhance your personality, something you can use to your advantage.  And so, you search for that idea, and you find it.  Again, again and again.


But the problem is that you find the idea that you got from someone else’s description. You find what you read about from other people’s experiences.  You find what your guru says he or she found.  But your satisfaction doesn’t last long, so you begin to search for it once again.  Of course, you don’t admit this – you chalk it up to continual learning, or something like that.


The problem is that you are looking for a True Self that can save you from your trouble.  One that will make you feel better.  A Self that will make you a better person.  You keep searching for it because you do not like what you have found so far.  And this problem will never be solved if you continue to look for a True Self that you already perceive in any way.


There is only one way to find the True Self and that is to exhaust every search your current mind can conjure up until you come to the conclusion that it cannot be found by you or your personality.  It can only be found when you have no idea what it is you are looking for.  When you are willing to accept it exactly as it is, whether that benefits your personality or not.


One of the greatest pleasures in life is experiencing something new.   Why not stop looking for what you want to find and see what is right in front of you? Why not simply discard the layers of what is not real to reveal that which is? 


Look for nothing, see everything. This is the True Self and this is how to know it.

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